Pint of Science 2017

Today I had the pleasure of talking at the “An interstellar journey down to your local pub” session of Exeter’s Pint of Science festival. Thirty-odd science-curious members of the public turned up the The Globe pub in Newtown to hear a selection of my astrophysics colleagues talk about our research interests. Elisabeth Matthews kicked off the night with a short talk on her PhD research; directly images exoplanets. Attendees were intrigued as to how candidates really are confirmed as exoplanets. Next, I was up to talk about the crazy climates and weather on both our solar system neighbours and exoplanets. We took a journey to the planets to learn about the astonishing wind speeds, toxic atmosphere and acid clouds, ultimately making us all feel better about the UK weather! Dr. Jenny Hatchell closed the evening with her hands on talk about how the pub itself is very similar to the universe, using a pint of coke to demonstrate pre-star formation turbulence. Guests were even able to touch a carbon meteorite.

Dr Stefan Lines talking at Pint of Science 2017 in Exeter.